Dream case

Since I decided to work as a makeup artist I have tried my best to get my kit organized and handy. Well, that did not happen as I planned. I would say Ive changed my kit 5 times in 3yrs.

1st: I had 2 small makeup cases, super heavy. But it worked because I did not have as much makeup as I have now. The good thing is, I could see my kit clearly. The bad thing is space.

2nd: I bought a tool box with wheels. It worked except when I had to go to the beach and buildings with no elevator.

3rd: Bags… lots of bags. Super heavy, not easy to carry…+ my kit was a complete mess.

4th: I just got my 1st Zuca case. Im really happy because its easy to carry; I can sit on it; is a trolley; has different compartments and different clear bags so, I can carry a lot in it.

Here are few photos of my kit evolution lol. (By the way, these photos were taken when I did the makeup for only one client!)