My glam glam day

My day started as a normal friday morning and ended quite glamourous.

07:00 woke up feeling lazy…(not lazy, cause Im not) but didnt feel like going to university so early, to attend a not so exciting class. Bath, breakfast and bounce to school.

11:20 had an appoitment with Creme de La Mer for a facial. The best part: for free darling. Yes usually cosmetic companies do facials like the ones you get on spas. This one was different. All the regular clients will get a free 15mint facial (til the end of feb) using all the different products of La mer. I like La mer because it makes my skin feel fresh and clean. Visit their website here:

13:00 Lunch time ( yum yum)

14:00 Spa time: I know and most girls will agree with me, waxing hurtsss but after all, it looks gud!!!!

15:00 Salon: Wash + blow + nails feeling gud and fresh. Changed my look, yet again. Feeling the 60s vibe. Will rock my bangs and brown hair til the end of summer.

20:35 Home: having dinner and watching Globo.

21:40 Im now organizing the looks for my shoot tomorrow?

21:45 Im just making sure that you are reading this post! Lol