True Love Magazine Brunch

Saturday 21st of April
09:30 Opened my eyes and what a beautiful. Decided to stay in bed “all day”, so while I was stretching I opened my twitter account and BAM, a retweet from @NthatoMashishi regarding a beauty brunch in Cape Town!
Sent a tweet to Tami Kwazi (@Kwazi) and thank God she replied “Come to the Upper east side hotel@ 10-10:30today,R200 a ticket,come join us!”

09:45 Makeup artist say you can do your makeup everyday and it will take 5 minutes of your time…well I did mine in 2 minutes because I was so late. #makeupexpress

11:00 Finally arrived but, the event was running late as well.

We had a quick breakfast outside the room. All the ladies received a foundation from Elizabeth Arden makeup Artists- Nthato Mashishi and Melissa van Zyl, and had their skin scanned. I found out that my skin is dehydrated, but I received a voucher from Elizabeth Arden to get a free facial at Waterfront!

I was sitting right in the first row. I could not miss a single tip from my favourite SA guru. Surprises kept on coming, one after another. After receiving a foundation sample, we all received a flat foundation brush, that costs R200 at retail stores.

Nthato choose a lady from the audience to get her makeup done. Nthato used products that he believes are essential for our personal makeup kit. He answered all questions, he repeated steps to make sure we all understood. Nthato´s tips were amazing, we could understand what he was doing and saying. We felt a connection because he took into consideration that most women in that room had no experience with makeup application and some could not afford most of the products. While he was doing the demonstration, the ladies were following his steps and doing their makeups while testers were circulating around the room.

After the demonstration, it was time to receive more prizes. Can you believe I was the first lucky lady to win a beautiful orchid flower and a subscription to True Love Magazine! The other prizes were makeup kits from Elizabeth Arden.

The ladies shared their doubts during the Q&A session. Took pictures and we were ready to leave. Guess what, as we were leaving the room, we received a hand bang (with travelling size products inside) and a goodie bag from Elizabeth Arden (with more products and True Love Mag latest issue). You probably thinking that this was the end of the event but, you wrong. We were offered a lunch and our parking tickets were stamped as paid, free parking!!

This was the best event I attended to date. From the beginning til the end all you could hear was “ohhh” “wow” “yes” “ah ah”. Usually you pay more for this kind of workshops and you do not get all these products, meals and free parking. For R200 it was a worth it.

You can watch the vlog here: