Angola Music Awards 2013

Last saturday was the 1st Angola Music awards everrr. Our team girls, head makeup artist Dércia de Vilhena and Lassaleth Carlos were in charge of presenters´s makeup Dinamene Cruz and Sérgio Rodrigues, ex-Miss Edmilza dos Santos and Zeyangel models.

Sérgio´s makeup was quite simple: primer, a touch of foundation to cover any imperfections, concealer and eyebrow grooming.

Dinamene´s makeup was simple yet glamourous. Due to several wardrobe changes, Dércia decided to apply gold eyeshadow into the corner of her eyes, dark brown on the crease of the eye and a black eyeliner, giving her a cat eye effect. Some dramatic eyelashes, dark pink blush and orange lipstick.

For each dress Dinamene changed her lipstick, from orange to nude lip with gold reflects gloss, to purple and at last a dark red gloss.

The rest of the girls had different looks, from bright lipsticks to smokey eyes.

Makeup: DV Makeup lda (Dércia de Vilhena + Lassaleth Carlos)
Hair: Hair news
Styling: Zeyangel Agency

Photos: DV Makeup Lda, Facebook Noite Angolana, Platina Line