Carnaval Looks inspired by ImatsLA 2013

its february, its Carnaval. The festive season we all been waiting for all year long. For these kind of parties there are no rules, u can wear what you want and no one will say a word.

At the ImatsLA 2013, I saw a variety of looks made by artists and students, that I believe you will love. Due to different tastes and limitations, I decided to divide the looks into 3 categories namely:

1. The “cute” look:
This look is for those who do not like too much makeup or don’t have a custom. You can focus on hair, mouth, nails only but still have a bit of pop color on your look. Is up to you. Use glitter (eyes or mouth) for example.

Or glitter on your nails by using a glitter nail polish. You can also spray your hair with a crazy color like pink, green or blue.

2.The “Art” look:
This look is for those who love makeup but want to keep it glamourous or give more fun to it. Usually is use by people who want to achieve a fantasy look, like Disney princess or Drag queen. It more artistic in a way that you put more work into it. You need to have the hair, makeup and the costume on point. For example, match you makeup to your clothes (which for some artists its a fashionable mistake but since its Carnaval, it can be wrong). Believe it or not few people in USA dress like this everyday, and its “normal”. You won’t scare anyone!!!

You can use shimmer eyeshadows, highlight on cheeks, use vibrant lipsticks, contour your face.

3. The Drama look:

This look can take few hours to be completed. It is dramatic and needs the help of an expert, for example an effects makeup artist, due the the use of prosthetics and paints. Can be scary sometimes but is beautiful as well due to the amount of expertise involved.

Hope you loved this post, let me know what´s will be your costume for Carnaval.