Makeup inspired tattoos

For 2 years, Ive been searching for makeup related tattoo designs for inspiration, in order to create my own tattoo design. Always wanted to have a tattoo but I admit… Im a bit scared of needles. Imagine if something goes wrong?!

I want a simple yet cute tattoo design, to remind me of this passion of mine and to give me motivation. Makeup is my life and I don’t see myself doing nothing that is not related to cosmetics.

I did google but I didn’t find any information about it because all websites referred to permanent makeup application, which is basically, permanent pigmentation of the dermis as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup such as, fill in eyebrows or contour lips.

But thanks to my all time favorite App – Instagram- I manage to find pictures of makeup artists that have #makeuptattoos.

I found designs of lipsticks, makeup brushes, female faces, packaging…you name it.

Which one is your favorite?