Meet the artist: Camila Coelho


Yes guys its true, I met Camila Coelho. If you follow Camila or myself on I think you saw one picture of us at Imats LA 2013- Sigma Beauty Booth. I posted about it here, earlier this week:

Let me tell you a little bit about Camila. She´s quite famous online, to be more specific, on youtube. Her channel “makeupbycamila” had a huge success in a short period of time. She is Brazillian, therefore she has videos both in English and in Portuguese. She is one of the girls that represents Sigma beauty, along with Tiffany D and other bloggers.
What I like about her is that she is not afraid of playing with colors, pigments and lipsticks. She has the brazillian style of doing a heavy yet sexy makeup look. She focus on the eyes and that is something I love too.

Sunday 13:00 there I was at Sigma Booth, surrounded by the longest line I´ve seen at the Imats (no one was there just passing by, they all purchased something).

sigma line

Camila arrived on time with a smile on her face, yes the same smile you see on her videos. To be really honest she looks and talks exactly the same way.

Surpriseeee: I did not know Camila was doing makeup makeovers on both days and since there was availability for sunday and, because I´m a makeup artist, I don’t have the chance of having my makeup done by someone else that often, I had to take that change.

Camila did a quick makeup look using Sigma products and soft brushes. Instead of just taking pictures me and my momager (yes my mother and agent lol) decided to record a quick video. Hope you like it.


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