Meet the artist: Kandee Johnson

My relationship with Kandee started few years ago. I call it a relationship because if you follow her or watch her videos you will feel a connection, almost like she´s talking to you face to face as a friend.

Kandee is a makeup artist, famouuuuus on youtube. One afternoon, few years ago, I saw one of her videos. It was not a makeup tutorial, it was about her personal life. After watching the video and feeling both her pain and happiness, my life changed and I made a decision that keeps me fighting not only for my dream but my life as a makeup artist.

I think it was in 2008, that I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional makeup artist. At that time, the beauty industry in Angola was basically non-existent, make-up artists were not recognized as professionals (still don´t). So I was bias, sad, really feeling like giving up because when you have to choose between safety and a passion, most of us will choose safety. Its really difficult to achieve a goal when your friends and family say “you are crazy, you won´t make it, do what we do…that’s life”. So if you watch her video and compare your life to hers, you´ll think “ if she can do it, I also can”.

No one believed in me, no one gave me money to start. Ive learned that “you have to believe in yourself first, then others will believe in you”. Few years later, here I am working with makeup.

Kandee is the reason why I did not give up on my dream. So there we were (yes “we” cause my momager was there as well) on a sunny Sunday, last day of Imats LA …waiting for 2 hours to meet Kandee and the moment finally arrived. She did meet all my expectations. To be really honest I didn’t know I was so shy, I felt like I was about to cry or something (but got it together, didn’t want her to think that this  African girl is a “psico fan” lol). 

Watch Kandee´s video. Maybe it can help you too.