Meet the artist: Rosman Braz

São Paulo, Tuesday – 4th of December 2012, 10 am I met the Brazilian makeup artist Rosman Braz!!
I never thought I would go to  São Paulo (Brazil) and meet Rosman, someone who I watch and follow each video, photos on social media and obviously his web site “”

I saw his work on youtube, several makeup tutorials he did for Marcos Proença hair salon. Today, Rosman works at 1838 salon, at Estados Unidos street, São Paulo.

At the entrance, the security guys opened a huge door ( it felt like I was in a glamourous movie). The salon was quiet because it was 9:30 am. Decorated with dark and light colors, including the bathroom, the atmosphere was calm.

I was drinking tea when Rosman arrived. I was nervous and a bit anxious. My first impression of him was of someone calm and with “joy de vivre” (happiness).

I immediately fell in love with his colorful and diversed makeup kit, when I step in his makeup room. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw his kit was “ And my mother complains that I have too much makeup, poor me, I wish”!

RB offered me a bottle of water “ Makeup Rosman”, the first product of his line.

The makeup lesson was supposed to be “auto-makeup lesson” but because I already have experience with makeup and I want to learn more about the technique of the Brazilian makeup look (The makeup that celebrities have for magazine covers and balada (night out) ), RB did my makeup and  explained all the steps and products used (next post).

When we finished the class, I took the opportunity to ask him few questions about his career and beauty products. In Brazil, there are too many makeup artists and the market is competitive, obviously there are those who are the “wanna be´s” .

I asked him how he keeps himself on top.  His answer was simple and practical: he treats all his clients (different ages and social backgrounds) the same way, with respect and dedication.

He said something I will not forget, words of Corrine Roitfield ex vogue editor, someone who he worked with, that “regardless of your career you need to have talent, love what you do and be fast”. That’s true.

Because of all the challenges makeup artist face during their career, RB never though about giving up even when he had financial difficulties.

Oprah once said: “Do what you love and money will follow u”, in other words, when we have determination and focus, we can make dreams come true.

Everything is possible, we just have to believe its possible, then others will believe in us.

Check the next post about the makeup look Rosman did.