Time to say goodbye…

Hi my loves!

Quick apology for the absent days! I have to admit, I´m not a good “blogger” ( I don´t consider myself one because I do not post often). I have been busy finishing projects, university and I just move DVM studio.

(clear makeup organizer , just perfect)

WOWWWW!!! My 1st studio, my baby, my second room. 4 years of planning, work, dedication, tears, guests, models, videos and now its time to say goodbye. I did cry a bit.

 Brushes, blushes, eyeshadows and mascaras… Should I pack them by brand or color?

I like to have my kit clean 24/7 so, I did clean all my brushes and pallets, then I divided them into different categories: my personal kit, limited edition kit, photo shoot kit, bridal kit and my advanced makeup kit.

With all products exposed, I manage to do the inventory. AHHHH after 5 hours, I decided to put everything in a suite case and go to bed.

Few weeks later, here I am…in an empty room. Just an empty room.

The only thing I can think about is ” If you Dream, then you have to believe. And if you believe, you will Achieve!”See you soon!