Pop Lipstick in culture


Coloured cosmetic applied to the lips from a small solid stick

If theres a cosmetic item every women should own is lipstick. A baby girl will play with her mother´s lipstick and make a mess (I did that with a 24hr lipstick); a teenager is allowed to wear a sheer gloss in high school; Later on it becomes a “can´t live without it” item, almost like an “uniform” or lingerie for a woman.

 Lipstick makes your lips look beautiful and kissable (depending on the colour) but it also protects and conditions your lips. There´s two theories to why women wear makeup:

1. Emphasizes a woman´s sexuality.

2. Makes woman feel younger and more attractive.

But do men like lipstick? Oh well, in my opinion men like… I´ll make a different post about it dolls.

 Im sure you  see pictures, on social media, of unusual lipstick colours such as blue, black, green, you name it. But I have dark skin and big lips, can I rock it? Well, let me tell you something about fashion and its trends. When people are not used to see something different, first they will criticise because they don´t like it or don´t understand it but, then it becomes a trend and everybody will buy it…oh fashion world!

I don´t know what the big deal is, people… is just lipstick. You can take it off in seconds, change the color, add glitter…endless ideas. But the question pops again: “How can a women of colour wear bright lipstick without looking funny?”

I did try different brands and not all of them look good on dark skin because they either look too bright or “too much”. I have different brands of POP lipsticks such as Ka´oir, Lime Crime, OCC and Melt Cosmetics but when I use them, I feel the need to always mix with a different lipstick or lip pencil or lip gloss…I´m basically creating a new lipstick colour because let´s be honest a baby pink lipstick on someone who’s skin is lighter will not look the same on a girl with darker skin tone.

The answer: women of colour need to have a dark shade underneath a bright lipstick for it to look good or blend it with a gloss. Like foundation, you need to find your shade of blue, pink, green… and have fun. Make sure the lip colour blends well with the rest of the look. Keep it simple and focus on the lip!


I did play with colours for this shoot, just for fun. Hope you like it.


Photo: Tegan Smith

Models : Ghislane Mutombo + Dércia de Vilhena